International internships can be obtained through one of Hollins University’s approved study abroad programs or through independently arranged opportunities. Like internships undertaken in the US, these opportunities are designed to help students get hands-on experiences in their fields of interest. Internships abroad, however, also allow participants to gain work-related skills in a global context.

Employers increasingly want to see international experience on potential employees’ resumes, as it demonstrates qualities important in today’s workplace such as intercultural competency, resiliency, flexibility, and proficiency in a foreign language. In today’s global economy, most students will move into jobs where they work for or do business with international companies, as well as work with diverse colleagues. Accordingly, the work-related skills gained through study abroad can be powerful tools for career success.

Hollins-Approved Programs

To participate in an international internship through Hollins University, interested students must select and apply to one of our approved study abroad programs. A comprehensive list of these programs can be found online at Beyond the Classroom – Study Abroad.

Our most popular options for international internships, however, can be found below:

Hollins Abroad – London

Students may enroll in a 6-credit internship during either the Fall or Spring semester in London. Placements are made through Hollins University alumnae or through our third-party provider CAPA. Internships are available to all majors and in all areas of interest, from film to publishing to environmental science. Previous interns have worked in Parliament, Kew Gardens, the National Army Museum and Marriott International.

The London Summer Internship Program is an abbreviated experience for students who cannot participate in a full semester abroad. The placements and requirements for this program remain the same, but students will complete a 4-credit internship over the course of seven weeks during the summer.

College Year in Athens

CYA arranges both volunteering and internship experiences for interested students. Both opportunities allow students to engage with non-profits, local businesses and political organizations directly related to their interests and programs of study. Typical placements range from art galleries and museums to refugee aid groups to marketing and advertising agencies.

Some internships may be arranged as part of specific academic courses, as well.

Kansai Gaidai University 

The Kansai Gaidai Internship Program (KGIP) assists selected students in securing internships with businesses, local schools and government organizations. Placements are limited, and internship sites can change from year to year.

Recent partners have included Nippon Express, the Sakai Tourism & Convention Bureau and Shijonawate High School.

Ludwisgsburg University of Education

Students at LUE can apply for the opportunity to assist in the English language lab on campus, serving as paid tutors. Tutors assist with essay writing, presentations, lesson plans and worksheets in one-on-one sessions with German ESL students in the Writing Lab, or offer weekly, individualized/advanced conversation plans in the Language Support Center. In addition to the stipend offered by LUE, tutors also receive credits and grades for their work.

Practical teacher training and school placements are also available for students with strong German language proficiency. Students participating in these practicum courses can be placed at a variety of schools from primary to special needs to bilingual education, and are expected to give at least one lesson during the semester on their own.

Spanish Studies Abroad

Internship and service-learning opportunities are available to all students who have completed at least one semester of advanced Spanish and can understand rapid, conversational Spanish. These internships are undertaken for academic credit and can be arranged in a diverse range of fields, based on the student’s interests or field of study. Prior placements have included legal offices, Greenpeace, museums and cultural centers, as well as educational organizations.

All students interested in participating in these programs must apply for, and be accepted into, these programs to undertake an internship. Applicants must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA to be eligible.

Students participating in any Hollins-approved program can apply for funding through the International Programs’ Travel Awards. External scholarships may also be available.

For more information about these programs, and other study abroad opportunities, as well as to set up an advising appointment, please email

Independently Arranged Opportunities

Remote Internships

Internships which can be completed virtually are becoming increasingly popular. Remote internships offer students the opportunity to experience a real-world work environment, but without the time and travel constraints placed on students by in-person placements.

Students participating in these remote internships often find that their experiences are built around projects rather than hourly commitments and offer flexibility for those with packed schedules or those who cannot travel. Remote internships are particularly popular with large internationalized organizations, and many US-based students are now interning around the world from the comfort of their home.

In-Person Internships with Non-Approved Program

Students may complete in-person internships through a non-approved program with an outside vendor, but this requires a leave of absence if completed during a Hollins semester (fall, J-term, spring) and requires an application to have the internship credits transferred to Hollins. Please contact for more information.

Resources and Registration

Visit Internship Search Resources to find international remote or in-person abroad internships.

Be sure to review our guide for setting up a remote internship and how to make the most out of your remote internship.

Visit our Internship Paperwork page to learn more about registering your independently arranged Remote Internship. Contact for questions.

For more information on registering independently arranged In-Person International internships with non-approved programs please contact